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Ali Rajabi
Director of Science


Ali Rajabi is a PhD candidate in the field of Particle Physics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is currently working on the analysis of the data he participated in taking throughout a Compton experiment in the A2 Collaboration facility at MAMI Mainz, Germany last year. The goal of which is to find a better estimate for Proton's spin.

Before coming to Amherst, Ali was passionate about conducting simple experiments in a lab where he learned a lot about electronics, computers, etc. By starting the graduate program at UMass, as part of his assignment, he needed to work as both a lecturer and a lab instructor teaching Introductory Physics courses. Throughout these teaching experience, he began to realize that there is a need for a big change in the education system and for students to learn better and more deeply, experimentation must be an integral part of the learning curve. It was then, when his close friend, Kevin, talked to him about the idea of Tech Curious, he didn't hesitate to join the group dreaming to help the next generation prevail.