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Community Laboratory

Our community laboratory will provide people with a safe environment to work on academic, personal, or business projects. We aim to provide equipment and work-space to help unlock creative potential. We plan to have several isolated labs which will focus on areas such as physics, electronics, 3D printing and fabrication, audio & video recording studios, and information technologies. The laboratory will be available to people who register and reserve a free time slot in the lab, for example we will have a recording studio that a musician can use so they can produce music or sound recordings free of charge. Some people will need to qualify to use certain areas of the laboratory and meet OSHA safety standards. The laboratory will mostly be staffed by volunteers and paid workers where absolutely necessary.

Our Labs

Although we dont have labs just yet, here is what we have in mind for what we will have.

Electronics Lab

Physics Lab

3D Printing Lab

Audio/Video Recording Lab

Information Technology Lab